Willoughby Hills Corn Festival

Bringing Tradition into the Future

More than a Decade of Corn Fest History

Community festivals have always been a part of what makes a town unique. Though they've happened in many places, the atmosphere in each area changes in ways that reveal past traditions, present values, and future aspirations. In Willoughby Hills, the seminal name in local gatherings is Corn Fest. Originally started in 2008, the event has been a source of entertainment and inspiration ever since the legendary Community Days theme was retired.

With a new theme, a new location, and a new approach to hosting a community festival, Mayor Weger, his administrative assistant Gloria Majeski, and a dedicated group of volunteers started a new tradition in town. Since then, Corn Fest history continued with events that created things to do in Willoughby Hills that were open to everyone from new neighbors to leading local businesses.

Over the years, highlights and hard times have been a natural part of such an engaging occasion, but the festival always returns with a renewed sense of dedication to its core mission of getting people together. Today, the current planning committee is gearing up for 2020, when the next Corn Fest is sure to continue more than ten years of tradition with new and exciting additions.

Past Festivals

Notable years in Corn Fest's past include:

Corn Fest 2015, which broke the "Corn Fest Weather Curse" as we enjoyed all concerts outside in our beautiful gazebo! We had great music with:

  • The 730 Club Band
  • Light of 2 Moons
  • Tommy Steele Band

Delicious refreshments were provided at all three concerts, and our famous fresh roasted sweet corn was back on the grill for our Country Concert with Tommy Steele Band. A great BBQ was served to round out a great evening.

Corn Fest 2017, which returned after a hiatus in 2016 with Joey Tomsick and the JTO, featured great ethnic food and a live performance. It was a great way to celebrate both the festival's return and the rock n' roll culture in our city.

Corn Fest 2018 was unfortunately canceled for safety reasons. After the City Council failed to declare the event a public purpose, the best option for organizers and attendees was to regroup and plan another event that is properly planned and managed.